Written 5-12-2022 by Addie. Here are a few pictures of Glitter Starnugget (the trike) loaded, then some separate pictures of each bag and content. I don’t have pictures of all the water bottles, and the gear isn’t in full battle rattle battened down tightly for the pictures, but for most things they’re probably in the approximate place.

Trike and gear. I have named the trike Glitter Starnugget.

Glitter Starnugget from the other side, with gear.

What I intend to wear to start the actual cycling part of the trip. Fanny pack to keep wallet and phone on me most of the time, walkie talkie, skirt, leggings, shirt, helmet and Da Brim visir, undies and bra, reflective strap vest, medicated SPF 15ish blistex, and the mesh bag I have been keeping them organized in.

My fitbit charge 4 (less than a week later the screen protector already came off on the drive to Wisconsin), and the underside of the helmet and Da Brim visor.
Tiny multi-tool, bandaids, lip balm, sun screen, water flavor squirt, wash cloth, go girl, MP3 old phone, toilet paper, bike gloves, ear buds and bluetooth receiver, bandana, hand sanitizer, and pepper spray.
Clear UV/impact protective over glasses, tinted UV / impact protective over glasses.
Spare inner tubes, there is a clean folded heavy duty trash bag at the bottom of both panniers but I don’t know if it’s shown in both pictures. Air mat, flip flops, sawed-off dust pan and broom, dark orange sack holds the sleeping bag, head net, air mat patch kit, eye sleep mask (I’m pretty light sensitive for sleep), tent rain fly stuffed in sack, small rechargeable visibility light, neck gaiter etc. thing that I will stuff with clothes to make a pillow, hat.
Sisu in situ and flag pole…

This pannier stores the USB cords, wall wart, and camera battery charger, wind jacket, rain jacket, my night splint (I’m still battling Achilles tendonitis), puffy jacket, insect repellent, toiletries, emergency water filter, ‘space blanket’, rain pants, and camp towel.

Side pouch mainly holds camera and camera bag, also a spare water bladder, notebook, pen, pencil, spork, spare arm sleeves, spare batteries and SD cards. Oh and bright colored zip ties…
Sisu in situ and solar panel somewhat set up.

Trunk bag and some of the hopefully insanely visible reflective triangle. Solar panel folded up.
Tiny stove, pot, and fuel, diva cup and it’s pot, some repair items, power bank with auxiliary solar panels, lock and cable, CO2 and tube filler, and chain lubrication stuff.
Tent poles in bag, and view into trunk bag. The Tick Tornado (my preferred tick removal tool) will settle on a location eventually.
Some last minute replacement or additions. Post card and regurlar stamps, multivitamins, glucosamine / other joint combo support, a pair of thin socks, a few packets of off brand peptibismo and benedryl, small jar of tiger balm, and sunscreen to use up on my body.

I apologize for any weird typographical errors, I am using my phone while in the back of the vehicle trying to post. Uploading the pictures took about 2 hours of faffing around and getting it to type where I click is a several step process to ensure I don’t spontaneously start over-typing in a random location off screen made this a nearly 4 hour project…

Have a glitterific day!

*oops missed these pics earlier when I posted!

toiletries bag with mouth wash, razor, tooth paste, floss, some supplements which got seapped out for the others and replaced with garland echinacea folding hair brush, hair elastics, sewing kit and nail trimmers.
The contents of the rain gear bag, pants and coat, also my 2 warm hats, and camp towel.