Drove into Carbondale, Illinois from Farmington, Missouri today. Got to pass over the Mississippi River and a couple of small rivers.

Staying in a hotel across from a Bus Station here because Holly has decided to leave us… She’s not enjoying waiting ahead for us trikes to catch up, since she gets going and doesn’t stop. But it’s all on good terms and even have some ideas for trips later.

The hotel has a pool, so we were able to swim, wrestle, and have lots of laughs before she leaves in the morning.

We also discovered, after swimming, that I(Ryan) must be allergic to whatever detergent the hotel uses on their towels!!

We are going to try and get to bed early so we can drop Holly off in time for her bus. Then Addie and I(Ryan) will get back on trail and head out for the second half of the TransAmerica Trail!