Every year I host and coordinate the local cardboard sled races in my community. Hundreds of people, children and adults, build sleds out of cardboard and duct tape. They decorate them in all kinds of designs ranging from church buildings to UFO’s to princess chariots.

Races consist of:

Kid singles

Adult singles


They take turns racing down the local sledding hill hoping to get the fastest time and/or best crash. They also have the opportunity to win Coolest Sled. Each race has a chance at 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place.

We also have free food and hot cocoa for everyone. In fact the entire event is free. Anyone from anywhere is welcome to build a sled and race it even if not from our community.

Setting up this event is no easy task though. I have to raise funds, create fliers, and get the word out a month or so in advance. Finding volunteers though is pretty easy because everyone wants to be a part of it. Local restaurants are happy to pitch in. Local landlords help out with getting trophies. And the Gwinn area Lions Club donates and provides the insurance for the races. Our local airport sends over their giant snowplows and clears the sandlot for us. Also our local snowmobile club grooms the hill. Below is the lot just after clearing it…

This year the Detroit Free Press was here and TV6 News. I will put TV6 report below but Detroit News will be out in a couple of weeks.

Every year my event grows bigger. We have loads of fun. And the children always look forward to it. I also hold several other events throughout the year that I put together. Always free and you all are always invited.

These two girls won 2 of the 3 door prizes…

Here are some random pictures of the event…