Every March we help to bring forth spring by marching around the neighborhood making as much noise as possible and stomping on the snow.

WHY You ask?

Because snow likes it quite and wont stick around if it gets to loud DUH!

Our noise wakes the animals and tells summer its time to get up.

Here are some pictures of this years snow stompers doing their job making noise and stomping snow…

All the participants got a door prize thanks to those who donated to the event. Prizes like RC cars, footballs, dodge balls, bubbles, gliders, sidewalk chalk, and more. Shannon Greathouse provided free food for everyone.

Here is the story of the snow stompers and how it began…

Story goes that one night summer takes a nap. Winter seizes the opportunity to take control. Winter hates noise so it drops a blanket of snow on everything to silence the world and creates a dense cloud cover to block the sun. It’s all fun and games at first and summer enjoys the break. But then it turns colder as winter grows with deeper and deeper snow and strong winds. Everything is quiet. Families are getting cabin fever. Animals are cold as food is harder to find. So one day a band of rag tag musicians, not very good mind you, decide to start a marching band in hopes to relieve the boredom. But once they started they discovered something. Something huge! The more they marched and the louder they were the snow seemed to recede and signs of the sun would glisten through the clouds. Winter hated this and commanded the winds to blow but the band played on! Louder and farther the band played and marched chasing winter away with all its snow and cold. Then the next morning the sun shown bright and the animals came out. The birds sang their songs and the tigers roared. The bears came out of their dens with mighty growls and all the other animals joined in. Except the groundhog who kept asking for 6 more weeks. Winter fled and summer began. After the sun returned things back to normal nature held a meeting with all the seasons. They agreed that each would have a fair turn although winter to this day still tries to steal a few extra weeks for the groundhogs. Thus, the legend of the Musical Snow Stompers began.