Here are the chickens pictured with their names. This thread will be updated as we get all of them individually pictured…

Waffles: 2016 hatching, rooster

(left to right) Mac-N-Cheese, Sunny Side, General Tso

Mac-N-Cheese: 2016 hatching,  white and black, rooster

Sunny Side: 2016 hatching, gold and black, hen

General Tso: 2016 hatching, Pixie’s egg, peaches and cream, currently unknown gender


Not-Mac-N-Cheese: 2016 hatching, rooster. Has a larger, floppier comb, more barred coloring than Mac-N-Cheese.


Pebbles: 2015 hatching, Pixie’s egg, black and white but darker than Frosty Flakes, hen

Lacey: 2015 hatching, Pixie’s egg, gold/tan and black, more lace than Blondie, hen



Dire and Pixie

Dire, 2015 hatching, big black and flame, rooster

Pixie, purchased as broody hen 2015, small and buff



Fearless: purchased 2015 around 12 weeks old, hen.


Dire, 2015 hatching, dark and flame, rooster

Gizmo, 2015 hatching, red, rooster


Oregano, 2014 purchase, Zebra striped, hen