This is a look at my current hammock setup. Each piece has been selected over time based on trial and error of other pieces and personal experiences. This current setup is my favorite at the moment but do expect it to change over time.

Lets start with how I treat my hammock setup shall we…

I use Sawyer brand Permethrin because it is a once a year treatment that will keep all the insects and such away from you while you sleep. It costs $10 per bottle and takes almost 2 bottles to treat the entire setup I am going to show you here.

Permethrin Bug Protection x2 per year each $10


Now for my hammock setup…

Granite Gear Bags each $9

These are the gear bags from Granite Gear that I use to stuff/store my hammock system in my backpack. They cost $9 each from Granite Gear.


The ENO Double Wide Hammock (on left) I have used on my hikes for the last 6yrs. It costs $70 from ENO.

The ENO Guardian Bug Net (on right) is great for buggy locations and lightweight. It costs $60 from ENO.


ENO Ember under Quilt $120

This is called an “Under Quilt” and great for cooler nights in a hammock. This one is called the ENO Ember under Quilt for $120. ENO has a newer version called Ember 2 for $100. I primarily use it for fall and spring. I want to upgrade this to another quilt that you will see here in the next pictures.


This is a look at my “Top Quilt”. I use it fall, winter, & spring. This top quilt is called “Old Rag Mountain” from “Jacks-R-Better” and costs $370. It is an 800 fill down so it needs to be treated with water proofer if you expect it to get wet. This is the quilt I want to get a second of to replace my under quilt. This quilt can be used as both a top or bottom. I love the one I have and will eventually purchase a second.


Home Made Pillow Case $3

I made my own homemade pillow case for use in my hammock. It has a bungee cord that attaches to the end of the hammock that can be adjusted for length. This prevents it from falling down your back when shifting and moving around keeping it right where you want it. It cost me about $3 to make out of fleece.


Top left is called a “Whoopie Sling” it costs $18 for a pair and they are attached to the ends of the hammock. One end is a fixed loop and the other is an adjustable loop. You use these to hang your hammock and quickly make adjustments to get the most comfy hammock fit. They are found at Jacks-R-Better.

Top right and bottom left are the miniature climbing D-Rings used for attaching the whoopie slings to the tree straps. They hold lots of weight and are reliable. These D-Rings allow you to add other items to hang and make fast adjustments. They cost around $10 each. They are found at Jacks-R-Better as well.

Bottom right picture is of another Jacks-R-Better product called “Tree Saver Straps”. They are for wrapping around the tree and connect to the D-Ring. These straps are 1 inch wide and 6 feet long. It is important to use straps like these rather then cordage because they do not harm the tree or leave marks. This is really important when hanging from soft bark trees. This set costs $9 for 2 straps.


This is my tarp. It is the ENO House Fly. It is my all time favorite tarp because it has doors on the sides that can be closed or left open as seen here. The bottom picture is showing the tarp in what we call “Porch Mode” by using my trekking poles to hold up the corners. This tarp is great to use when you expect heavy rains or winter storms or just want an enclosed space to change your clothes. You would expect to pay a lot for a tarp like this but it is actually a great price at $140. It comes with all the tie-out lines required for setting up as well. This is my go to tarp for basically every occasion.


MSR Ground Hog Stake 8pcs each $2

Of course this setup requires a few stakes to tie it out. For those I generally rely on these MSR Ground Hog Stakes at $2 each. They are great for most soils except sand or snow. I carry 8 total but usually only need 4 for a basic setup or all 8 if I want to get fancy with the tarp.

This is basically my hammock setup. I do have a homemade under quilt I didn’t get a chance to photograph and a weather guard I made for under the hammock as well. You can see those in several of my backpacking videos though.

The total cost of everything seen here in my setup not including tax or shipping is $864. When I get my under quilt upgrade the cost will go up to $1114. Every penny is worth the comfort I feel.