This is basically how I filter my water when hiking, backpacking, and camping. The prices vary a lot depending on where you get each item from so I left that information out. I purchased most of the items from Walmart though and it is a fairly affordable and universal system. I am certain you can make this setup yourself for under $50.


This is a picture of the whole setup. I use a gravity water filter system primarily because it is hands free generally once setup and easy to do. However if in a hurry I can still use this setup as a squeeze filter for a faster filtration (though squeeze filtration has a greater chance for clogging) or I can filter on-the-go by sucking on the tube like a camelback etc… with an inline filter.


Here is a look at the individual components:


The black thing is a Nite-Ize Cam D-ring and some paracord. Simply tie a bowline loop in one end of the cord and attach it to the D-ring. Then run the other end through the cam section after wrapping around the tree. Cinch cord tight around tree to be able to support weight as seen here. These plastic cams can hold up to 50lbs and the metal versions can hold a couple hundred pounds. I also use them for my food bag πŸ™‚



Next up is a 3ltr Platypus bag. They are pretty durable but do need some care. The threading on the mouth fits the Sawyer filter threading nicely. Though the other models Platypus makes that I will show you later the threads don’t quite match well and sometimes leak. This particular model I have not had any issues with leaking though.



And here is the Sawyer Mini Filter that I use. It is a 0.1 Micron ABSOLUTE hollow fiber membrane water filter as Sawyer claims. It will filter more water then you can drink in your personal lifetime. Provided you don’t damage it. Take care of it and it will be the last filter you need to buy for 3 season North America. The threads fit most 20 oz style soda and water bottles.

The white clip seen here comes from an old Katadyne filter I had and I use it to shut off the water flow when using it as a gravity water filter. It is a basic pinch clamp.



Then you have your drink tube. When using it as a gravity feed filter system this tube should be at minimum 25-30 inches for proper flow rate or you wont get a decent flow from the Sawyer filter. This tube comes with the Platypus bag along with a nice removable mouth piece.


NOW here are some other containers I use for transporting my water:

The left picture is a Nalgene canteen and the right is a stainless steel version.

I use these primarily for making drinks in like Tea or Power-aid etc… when hiking. The stainless steel version can be used on an open fire. I don’t take both of these on every trip. Usually it is one or the other depending on what type of trip I am doing.



This is a 1ltr Platypus water pouch. It doesn’t connect well to the Sawyer water filter but it works great for carrying filtered water. I always have at least 2 of these in my pack filled. Sometimes depending on location I might bring along 3-4. They are super light and take nearly no space when empty. They are cheap as well so if you lose one it isn’t to costly.



And here is my Nalgene Flask. I use it to carry cooking oil for frying and have a second for taking along some whiskey occasionally πŸ™‚ Stir-fry cooking with a bit of whisky never hurts right…