A long at last EGG A DAY 🙂

The chickens have been sporadically laying and not very consistent this winter. Mostly due to them molting and they don’t lay when molting. Some are old and at the end of their egg laying days. Some are babies just coming of age to lay but right as it got cold and that caused them to hold off till spring. The last batch of baby chickens we had are a mix of breeds (mutts) and mostly the breeds that are not winter layers. So we are left with only a few chickens that will occasionally lay IF the weather is warm enough and things are just right during the winter months. This winter has been odd with us getting 59*F temps randomly and several days here and there in the 40’s. So our birds are very confused right now.

Also we will try to post more Egg-A-Day’s as we can this winter. We have been really busy with trying to get things done before I leave for the summer on my big trip. Addie will be home alone for 6 months while I am gone so there is lots to do before I leave. Unfortunately the Egg-A-Day blogs fell behind due to this as well.

Nevertheless here are todays pictures:

Chickens enjoying some scratch…


Here you can see them enjoying their reflectix liner we installed in the coop for winter. It helps trap in the heat and keep out the wind and some cold. It also lowers the ceiling making the total area required for heating less. They do seem to be enjoying it 🙂


One egg in the chicken run nesting box…


Two eggs in the sawdust barrel…


And one egg I believe belongs to Bubbles found in the mini-coop…

It was 40*F roughly today on the homestead…


So here are the eggs we collected today. Sorry but Addie forgot to use the traditional Egg-A-Day basket this time.

Hope you enjoyed this update on the chickens and we will try to get another one out real soon with some video 🙂