Addie Vision will be a way for me to share pictures with Ryan while he’s on the trail, and give people a peek at what’s up back here at home.

So here we go…

Here’s the state park which hosts the approach trail and a point to check in and register with a few organizations.  We got here pretty early, and after about, sunrise was pretty nice to see!

After weighing his pack and putting it back into the van, we took a bit of a walk to get Ryan’s trip started.  Kyle seems to be more excited about this than Ralf, but Kyle has also been seriously suspicious.


A view or two from the Springer Mountain starting point.  (NO those are NOT muzzles the dogs are wearing, they are halters, which keep the stress off the dog’s throat.)



And here is a store we stopped in before spending the night at the hotel, it was super awesome.  Very friendly, and had all sorts of COOL stuff, I wish we had one locally–or maybe not, or we’d never get Ryan out of it!


We got Ryan on the trail just before the real rain started, but I’d say I spent about 1 hour on the 14 hour drive home without the wipers on at some speed or other, although this was one of the several periods where it could be on the lowest setting and keep up.  Good news though, it seems like Mondays in the rain aren’t popular times on the roads I drove home so it was a pretty unobstructed trip home for the most part.

It was still pretty rainy when I go home, and even a few days later (the April 6th) though our yard and area stayed well above water, a few other areas I jogged by managed to catch a lot more water than usual.  Kyle doesn’t seem to mind a bit of rain as long as he’s having fun! And that plastic tube thing with the cable in it…that’s the fix put on it late last October after it was severed during a road maintenance accident…. it used to be wrapped in plastic but only lasted a few months.  Oh yah, that’s the cable about 3/4 of a mile from our house, and it’s the one that brings our internet etc. to our street.  It’s been filled with water every time I’ve seen it.

We’ve had some snow (a bit more than shown on the panels fell later in the day, but I was at work), and it melted shortly after that.  Then it started acting more like spring again.  The dogs have enjoyed the weather, and as usual, want to play!

More to come later, have a great day y’all, and Ryan, have a fun time!