I hiked into Erwin TN from Hot Springs NC in about 4.5 days. I stayed at Uncle Johnnies Hostel which was an ok place. After getting my resupply and doing my laundry I hit the trail again the following day. It was a mix of rain and some sun between Erwin and US19E where Addie came and picked me up for trail days in Damascus VA. I skipped hiking the section from Watauga Lake TN to Damascus VA because I had just recently hiked it with Kyle Dog (Anti-Bear) and didn’t feel like repeating it again.

Addie and I and the dogs had a good time at trail days together. Trail Days itself was not as good as previous years though. There were fewer people by a lot and they seemed to be twice as rowdy and obnoxious this year. But I did pick up a new gear sponsor which I will reveal later in another blog and on my youtube channel FixedByDoc OffGrid.

After trail days Addie dropped me off at Partnership Shelter which is 60 miles north of Damascus VA. I just did the Virginia Highlands (pony section) last May and it was freezing cold and pouring rain so decided not to hike it again. I have since hiked another 60 miles or so north. I had nothing but rain for the last several days and everything is soaked but I managed to get a bed at the a couple Hostels to dry things out.

The Quarter Way Inn is by far the !BEST! hostel on the AT!!! It is an old victorian style farm home. I have Several pictures for you to see of it coming up. I also am currently uploading these recent blogs from St. Luke’s Hostel which is a pretty decent place as well. Both I suggest staying at if you ever stroll though here.

I am currently at trail mile marker 578. I have increased to about 15 miles per day roughly. I was only doing 8-10 previously. I will reach 600 for sure by June 1st giving me an average of 300 miles per month up to his point. Now that I am doing 15 miles a day my average monthly miles will be around 450 give or take 50 roughly.

So I have a ton of pictures for you to enjoy. Have fun ! ! !