I have been moving along pretty well since my last post. The trail has been easy. However it is about to get really hard starting tomorrow!

I have managed to find side routes around the hard climbs lately and hope my luck in that continues.

I believe I can make it to Katahdan ME by September 21st. There won’t be to many more posts by me after this one as I use Verizon and have entered AT&T territory now.

I put my laundry out on the clothes line when I was at East Mountain Retreat hostel and when I went to retrieve them I discovered a huge bear was sniffing them and we startled each other and we both ran. I went inside the hostel and the bear went up the hill. Guess he decided my close wouldn’t fit because he left them behind thankfully.

The crowd of North bound hikers has really thinned out lately. Lots of southbound hikers have been showing up though. They are good for getting Intel about what is ahead for me as they just completed it as for my Intel for them also about the south 😎.

Here are the pictures πŸ˜‹…