I’ve been hiking some blue blaze trails around the big climbs through Vermont. There are a lot of flat trails that were originally the Appalachian trail before it was rerouted taking the Appalachian trail over huge climbs unnecessarily. These flat trails are now local trails that are renamed and connect with the newer Appalachian trail. I bought local maps and ask the local trail angels for information on them. This makes it easier for me to do the Appalachian trail and not injure myself or aggravate my Army injuries. Though as said from the beginning I won’t be doing the New Hampshire section with the bouldering.

I’m heading to Rutland VT starting tomorrow and should be there in about 3-4 days. From there I plan to get a rental car and drive to Farmington NH then drop off car and shuttle to Rangeley NH. Here I will get back on trail. I will have just over 200 miles left at that point. About 85 miles to Monson ME Β then 100 miles through the 100 mile wilderness followed by 10 or so to after that to base of Katahdin Mountain in Maine. I believe the climb up Katahdin is about 14 miles round-trip. These miles are estimates.

Vermont is easy if you Know where to hike 😁😎

I hear there are blue blaze trails around the two big climbs as you enter the 100 mile wilderness. Hopefully I can get a map for them. Otherwise I’ll have to climb them.

So here are the current pictures…