Not much has gone on since the last blog. I’ve reached Rutland VT where I intend to catch a greyhound bus to Waterville ME. There I get a shuttle to Rangely ME and get back on the trail.

Addie is the BEST trail support anyone could ask for! Without Addie this entire trip wouldn’t have been possible. She has mailed all my resupplies and organized most of my stops.

I have just over 200 miles left. I should finish the Appalachian trail on September 15th Friday. Provided of course nothing goes wrong and everything goes as planned. 😎

There is still two rough sections to do. Rangely ME starts a rough 20-30 miles then levels out. Then later at the start of the 100 mile Forest there are two big climbs. That’s it until the end when I finish up climbing Mount katahdin.

Well here are the latest pictures…