I am planning another trip for next summer (2018). Though it is still up in the air whether I will have enough money for me to go. I am planning to ride my bike across America from west to east. I intend to go to Appalachian Trail Days in Damascus Va. which is a 3 day weekend event. From there I want to get dropped off in Washington DC and ride my bike back to Pennsylvania via the Rails To Trails route. This route is around 200 miles depending on your starting point. I want to start that section first so I can work out any bugs in my system. It should be just long enough to see if anything is not going to work or will. When I get back into Pennsylvania I can swap out what/if I need to and then get a rental car and drive out to San Francisco Ca. where I intend to ride my bike back to Pennsylvania thus completing the entire cross country bike tour. The entire trip will be around 4038-4500 miles estimated.


You can click here to see the trail website:



There are two routes you can take for the American Discovery Trail:


I am planning to take the southern route of the American Discovery Trail detouring through Pennsylvania.



If all goes well it should take me an estimated time/miles around:

Total Trip Miles 4500

Ride Plan For First 700 Miles:

30 miles per day for first 10 days

40 miles per day for next 10 days

= 700 miles first 20 days (2.85 weeks) (0.6 months)

Ride Plan For Remaining 3800 miles:

50 miles per day for next 76 days

= 3800 miles 76 days (10.85 weeks) (2.5 months)

Total ride time:

96 days (13.7 weeks) (3.2 months)

Planned Rest Time:

1 day of no riding every 10 days of riding

= 13 total rest days (1.85 weeks) (0.43 months)

Combined Total Trip Time:

109 days (15.57 weeks) (3.6 months)


In the coming months I will post a few blogs showing the gear I intend to take with me.

Currently I am working on building an exercise routine that will best prepare me for this trip. And a second stretching routine that I can do daily during the trip. These routines will be posted as soon as I have them designed.

To see my exercise prep routine for my Appalachian Trail Through Hike click here:



Stay tuned for updates 🙂