The thing to understand about blood type diets is that they are a starting point only. There are many things to be considered when taking on a new diet. If you have any sort of disease or prevailing illness then those should always be considered before dieting. Most people who claim that the blood type diets are worthless are generally only looking at the one aspect and not the entire ideology. Blood type diets are simply a reference point towards what your genetics are wanting to help support your needs. It is more about what is found in the foods chemically and what the foods do for you based on the chemical needs of your body which can be determined through your blood type.

What I have done is tried to make things a bit more understandable and easier to follow when choosing a diet that is best for you. I have developed a comprehensive program that is meant to help you create your own diet to fit your own needs. This blog is only one part of this. I have already posted other parts of my healthy life and diet program that should be used in conjunction with this one. And I will eventually be posting the other blood types as well when I get a chance.

Here is Blood Type A suggestions:



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