This is my new bike I just bought for my ride across the entire United States. I intend to ride from California to Washington DC this summer. My main reason for this ride is health promotion. I want to show the world that despite my having a broken back, Parkinson disease, and suffering from severe migraines I can still do things. I am still alive and able. I completed the entire Appalachian trail last summer and now its time for my next adventure.

This is the bike I will be using: Sun Seeker EZ Sport CX Recumbent Bike $1400

Sun- is the name of the company

Seeker- is the model name

EZ- is because it was designed by Easy Racers inc.

CX- stands for Chrome Alloy

Recumbent- is the style of the bike


Here are the specs for the bike taken from the manufacturer:

bike info 1bike info 2

I purchased the bike from a local bike shop called:

Sweet Water Bicycle Shop:

bike shop

This shop was very helpful and friendly service. Laura & Don McKee were fast on ordering my bike and getting it delivered and setup just right for me. I got everything I needed and more. After I ride it for awhile to get used to it and work out any bugs they will give me a free inspection and adjust anything I need adjusted etc… before my big cross country ride. They are very knowledgeable on bikes and I noticed they were training some young teens as well which is GREAT for the community. I highly suggest anyone within range to use this bike shop. They have been in business since 1977.

Here are some pics I took of the store:


So lets see some closeups of the bike and the additions I’ve made shall we:

I have added a GPS, bell, 3 water bottle holders on bike and 2 on trailer, a B.O.B Yak trailer, 2 forward cameras- 1 in front and 1 in back, and some head/tail lights.

Here is a video of me giving a quick run down about the bike. I misspoke in the video and called it a 21 speed but it is actually a 24 speed:


And here are two videos taken while riding. The first is from the handlebar camera and the second from the trailer camera:


And this is my B.O.B Yak trailer with a North Face gear bag in it…



Thanks for stopping by and hope you follow me as I ride across the country this summer πŸ™‚