This is a look at my Magellan Cyclo 505 Bicycle GPS. I intend to use t to assist me as I ride my bike from California to Washington DC this summer. It is weather proof and crash resistant so it claims. We shall see here soon if it really is.

It is packed with great features such as the usual travel data:
MPH, average speed
Time, ride time, total time
Distance, direction, route
Tracking, and much more…

It can find local stores, hospitals, even Veteran hospitals, and supposedly knows where all the registered bike shops are along the way. It has several maps on it including bike routes from all over. You can download maps as well for nearly everywhere. I have been using it all winter and it hasn’t failed me yet.

It can also be used as a car or walking GPS as well though it isn’t designed for official car use.

Here are some photos of it that show its functions: