Storms, storms, storms… This whole trip was basically storming the entire time. The Gap Trail was designed nice and well taken care of but the C&O Canal trail was nothing but mud basically. Despite the rough weather I did manage to make it most of the way to DC though I did not complete the trip. The weather was too rough to  make enough miles per day and the recumbent was very hard to ride in such conditions. I swapped out the recumbent for my full suspension mountain bike just before getting off the GAP trail and onto the C&O Canal trail. It made the trip a bit easier but not enough time to finish due to needing to be done by the 18th for trail days festival in Damascus Virginia.

Despite the hard time I did have fun and do have lots of pictures for you all.

I am also preparing for my cross country trip from CA to Pittsburgh. I leave Saturday May 26th and should return in about 2 months give or take a little. There is always the chance as well that I cant complete the trip but I will try my best to do so.

Here are the current trips pictures 🙂