Hey folks, this is Addie.  I’m currently in Upper Michigan.  I managed to get in a jog along Lake Superior, and took a bunch of pictures.  A few of them were actually in focus, and the birds I was aiming at were actually in shot, so here they are.  I think I’ve gotten pictures of a LeCont’s Sparrow, a Common Yellowthroat, and a Cape May Warbler.  I also got a picture of a Least Chipmunk (I think it’s a Least Chipmunk and not an Eastern Chipmunk—yes, chipmunks come in several species!).  And of course, when I see something a bit humorous, I like to get a picture if it’s tactful.

DSCF7333 pos cape may warblerDSCF7342 pos cape may warblerDSCF7344 pos cape may warblerDSCF7347 pos LeConts SparrowDSCF7357 pos LeConts SparrowDSCF7359 pos common yellowthroatDSCF7360 pos common yellowthroatDSCF7374 least Chipmunk

I know the birds aren’t great pictures, but they weren’t exactly all cooperating! Think of it as a chance to play “seek and find” and from there, you can take my suggested identification and check it. I used the Audubon bird identification guide website as my resource for identifying birds, but when it comes to getting this fleeting and blurry kind of look at a bird, I’ll be willing to consider other suggestions!

Thanks for checking in on us, have a great day!