Saw those on a previous jog… there were three in a line, and here’s some closer pictures!


Here’s a ton of pictures of about 18? 17? or more or less… snapping turtles … well, turtle-lets that I am glad I didn’t step on!


The above pictures were ones I trotted past going out, and on my way back, I saw a toadlet, and then some of the same turtles! I’m pretty sure they’re Chelydra serpentina, the Eastern Snapping Turtle…although the website I was looking at for ID also has the same turtle page using “Common Snapping Turtle” as a name as well… anyway, it looks like Michigan has one snapping turtle, and these little guys look like snapping turtles… Best of luck little ones!


I’m hoping a bit of video will upload without clogging the internet…let’s see.


The rest of the videos are rather long since I took them trying to go from one end of the turtle string area to the other, on my trot out and my trot back…


OK THEY ARE JUST SOOOOOOO  CUTE!!! I had to say that.  I did NOT try to cuddle them.  I did gently touch one with a finger tip to see if it was dead, but it was just cold and sot of holding still in an odd but probably more solar-gathering angle than just sitting flat…  Anyay, hope y’all enjoyed these cuties!