I see death as a time of celebration. I feel that by acknowledging the facts, myths, and beliefs about death helps us to better prepare for the inevitable event of dying. When we talk about dying and death we educate ourselves and others on the subject whether knowingly or not.



I guess a lot of people ask these two questions, were we loved and did we love well? I feel if we lived a good life and we were open throughout that life about our feelings then we should know that answer already. I live my life like an open book. I keep no secrets and expect people to do the same. Not all people do. I believe that by talking about and sharing events in our life with everyone interested then we are able to help them in their life when a similar situation should arise. This in turn, to me, shows that we have by far loved all of humanity well. By raising our children and teaching them all we know about life and everything else, as well as, being there for them and letting them know that we love them additionally shows that we have loved well. The same applies to all our family members.


The question, was I loved, is a little harder to know the answer to; however, if you are open to those around you then they will be open to you in most cases. If you see that your family and friends come to you for advice, If they ask to be around you in some fashion, or if they straight out tell you then you know the answer. Love, to me, is shown in the many things people do for each other on a daily bases.


I know that I love well because I strive to let those around me feel as though they are loved regularly. I know that I am loved because I have many close friends and family who let me know regularly.