My wife Addie and my two dogs dropped me off at Lake of the clouds on June 10th. I set up camp there for the night and reviewed my gear double-checked everything and set out the following morning. The first 20 miles were easy as I follow along the Lake Superior Shoreline to my left and Porcupine Mountains State Park to my right. I headed down 107 engineers Road then hopped on 64 and took that into Ontonagon. In Ontonagon I hopped on 45 South towards Bruce Crossing. A total of 47 1/2 miles for the day. The first 20 miles were pretty much a slight downhill. Then 5 miles of flat land. And the remaining 22 seem to be majority uphill and very tiring. My wife’s parents live nearby Bruce Crossing and pick me up for the evening. I stayed at their house last night and today the 12th is pouring down rain with storms so I’m waiting out the storm and leaving tomorrow on the 13th heading towards Iron Mountain then on to Escanaba then Manistique and hopefully with any luck eventually on to Mackinac Bridge. Below are the pictures I have of my first and second day and some videos I took. Hope you enjoy them and I will try to post what I can when I can as I go along. All of my gear so far is doing great and the bike is running well.