So yesterday I was playing in my backyard with my friends kids and I got this giant splinter under my thumbnail. Couldn’t get it out so had to go to emergency room.

They numbed my thumb then tried to cut away the nail to get to the splinter but their tools were no match for my strong nail. They had to search the ghost town of a hospital to find some strong scissors to cut through the thumbnail. When they returned they had to re-numb it. They tried a second time but discovered I have an extra nerve line in the thumb besides the basic 2. So round 3 they finally got it numbed and had strong enough tools to get the job done. I also got a tetanus shot which I didn’t feel any part of. They said it would hurt pretty good but I didn’t feel the needle or the after affects.

Here are some pictures of the doctor and nurse cutting the splinter out…


95843758_2289212634705892_7055792606243979264_n95861253_268521110955265_4676825738706419712_n (1)95810098_3103334496427523_1354026918676004864_n95769919_233057608018790_7814950581440610304_n96734861_2970346259726033_1104893354941874176_n96091631_674352280071927_8082819505484464128_n