Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days been really peddling hard the last few days. The last time we talked I followed that up with a 123 mile day. Then I ran into a storm so I only had a 30 mile day. I met 2 other guys going the same way and we decided it’s safer to hang together since tomorrow we will ride into Yellowstone together. There have been some reports bears not behaving.

I have gone through Darby, Dillon, Twin Bridges, Virginia City, Nevada City, Cameron, and now just 35 miles from Wyoming West Yellowstone. A sheriff in Virginia City gave me a ride up the 7000 feet elevation at 7% grade mountain pass. Otherwise I would have been walking it.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the last couple days.

I made a change to my seat angle and gained a 2mph increase in peddle power today. Plus I increased air pressure in all 3 wheels. Tomorrow is a long climb and should see how well it goes. I can always change the settings back.