So no signal in these parks. Finally found some wifi so here goes.

Yellowstone I have to say wasn’t that shock and awe I was expecting. Pictured Rocks is waaaayyyyy better. Old Faithful was uneventful. However the upper and lower guiser flats were pretty cool. You can see more and get closer. I took lots of pics of them. When I get home I will post some videos. Here are some pics…

I road up two climbs back to back 8000 feet + then another the next day. It took me 6hrs to do so.

I broke my front derailleur twice but seems to be working now. I’m going to a bike shop in a day or so to get it serviced. Running fine but don’t want to get stuck somewhere.

I made it to the Grand Teton’s yesterday.

It’s been an easier ride here so far. My first night I was told a grizzly comes through every few days and is late. Tonight’s camp is much safer. And no, the bear never came.

Here is a look at the map for the Grand Teton’s…

I might be leaving the trail for a town called Jackson. There is supposed to be a bicycle shop there. But I’ll get back on again after I get the trike serviced.