I crossed the Tetons today and entered Jackson Wyoming. Jackson is swarmed with tourists and everything booked. So I tried the VFW and were closed. Adda and I are Lions Club members so I called the local Lions chapter and they hosted me for the night and fed me.

Tomorrow I start my trip across the Rocky Mountains. Supposedly the hardest section. I’m going to reroute and go south down 191 to 28 then skirt across under them. More miles but way less climbing. I will meet back up to the TransAm trail around Pueblo or a couple towns sooner.

I got some cool pictures of the Grand Tetons. Soooo tall. And still lots of snow. Locals say the glaciers are shrinking fast. There are fires all around so it looks like a haze of fog but actually smoke I’m told.

Met some good people in the Tetons who were traveling trying to put out a message…


My next flag will be this to help spread their words. They were very friendly and sharing. Lots of good people on this trail.

I met some other peeps who ride trikes too. Not cross country but still good to see. And they’re in their 80’s. They said their health is because of the trikes.

So there you go for now. Stay tuned for more to come.