In the last blog I said I was gonna take the the Southern pass across the mountains. I ended up getting a ride to Lander just on the other side where I would have come out had I biked it.  I spent the night there then biked to to 15 miles outside of Rawlins.  The final climb into rowlands was just too much so I stopped on the side of the road and and camped. Basically I put my trike between the road and me with a strobe light on it and put my air mat and sleeping bag between the trike and prarie land, so people could see I was there. I got there after dark and set up by 11:00 p.m.. Sorry I forgot to take a picture but I did decide that it really wasn’t that bad and may do it more often.  I’ll be sure to remember and get a picture next time.

I got rained on a couple of times. One of which had pea size hail which felt like getting shot by frozen paintballs. I also got hit in the shoulder by a rock flung up by a semi kind of felt like getting shot by a pellet gun.

Along the way I stopped for breakfast and made a new friend.. He or she loved head scratches.

I saw a bunch of flowers I liked so I started taking pictures of them. I really liked the red flowers with what looks like cucumbers growing out of them.

The mountains have now changed colors. They’re red clay like. I like them better.

At one point I was going about 15-20 mph. I hit the rumble strip and my forward camera broke off smashing lens first into ground. Adda is ordering me a new one and shipping it to my friend’s house. I won’t be there for a while though. I still have my reverse camera and moved it to the forward position. Also have my phone.

Currently I’m in Rawlins and taking a rest break. I’m done mentally with mountains. Can’t wait for Pueblo where it’s supposed to flatten out. I’m around 1200 miles I think. Google maps says 750 something but doesn’t follow the bike route. That puts me about a quarter of the way done.