Left out of Pueblo Colorado this morning and barely made the 64 miles to Ordway. Got a few miles out and blew two inner tubes back to back. Couldn’t find the cause so had to stop every 3/4 of a mile to pump up the tire. Made it to this weird town and nothing here. Worked on tire and found two pieces of wire from the trucks who let their bad tires shred off. Grrrrrr… Should be fixed now. Addie is trying to find me replacement tires (not inner tubes) to overnight me somewhere. So far I’ve only been able to find new rear tire but no front ones in the towns I’ve rode through.

Here is a picture of the park for this town. The rest is not much more than a few old buildings.

I sure hope the tire is fixed now and full of air in morning. Walked around the town. Yes it’s that small. Kinda creepy. Established 1918. Railway stop. Once upon a time there were people here who cared enough to fancy it up with a park and then forgot about it. A couple of small shops. Mostly empty. Weird smell everywhere. Kind of like rotten eggs mixed with dead animal depending on which way the wind blows. Hotel owner nice guy. Everything is closed by 5pm except grocery store and restaurant which closes at 7pm. Every vehicle seems to have muffler issues whether do to old or on purpose. I say sneak a peek but keep on moving. The hotel looks like it was fancy in its time.

Hey Tom and Pat, it was moving, slowly but moving.

So good news is no more mountains. Bad news no more services until Kansas. Flat mostly all the way through. About 238 miles to Alexander Kansas. May be gas stations but I’m told not much else. Talk to you soon…