So if you read my last blog you know I got run over by a semi and nearly all my stuff was destroyed. I have a couple x-rays of the plate and screws in my arm. Surgery went OK.

In the following pictures you can see that there is nothing but flatland and can see at least 5 miles in any direction. I had 3 strobing red lights in the back of my trike and a 6′ flag. So there really is no reason why the truck driver couldn’t have seen me. The skid marks in the road are from the semi. The pictures were taken from about the point where I was hit looking in both directions.

About 90% of my gear was destroyed. And of course my trike was torn apart. I have to replace just about everything. But the trucking company’s insurance should cover everything. I have my lawyer talking to the insurance company for me. Hopefully we can just settle out of court and not have to worry about suing them or anything.

My arm should be healed in a few weeks and then I’ll do some physical therapy. But overall could have been worse. I will slowly replace my gear this winter. I will get a gym membership and get ready for next year’s big ride. Just hope I can get a replacement trike before next spring.

The trike that I had when I got it only came in blue but now they have a green version and I think I’m gonna go for that one if I can find it. Pretty much everything bicycle related is backlogged by several months if not a year. The picture below is the one I would like to upgrade to. It has an electric crank drive motor on it.