I just got the police report for my bike accident. After truck hit me I traveled/dragged 78 feet. Truck was going 60mph. Driver was declared “Careless driving causing bodily injury” and was ticketed. Officer stated “Vehicle one was eastbound on highway 96. Vehicle one struck an eastbound bicyclist that was on the south shoulder of the roadway in the traveled portion of the roadway. The bicyclist came to final rest on the south side of the highway, and the tractor trailer came to final rest in the #1 eastbound land of travel.”. Time of crash was 3:50pm, considering I thought it was around 2pm means I lost nearly 2.5-3hrs of time due to amnesia. Also I did not know I was dragged/thrown 78ft then thrown off road landing 2ft into the ditch. Below is the schematic diagram drawn up by police based on evidence seen and witnesses.

My lawyer is discussing things with their insurance lawyers. Hopefully no need to go to court and settled timely. I have tracked down most my gear and replaced it. My recumbent trike however will have to wait until after settlement. It will be around $10,000 or so to replace trike and requires payment up front. The brand and model trike I had is currently back logged and a year waiting list unless I can find a work around. Some of my gear is no longer made and I have to find an equivalent. My camera gear is ordered along with new lights and mounts etc. I will be ordering new panniers tonight. Regardless of insurance outcome I still plan on getting back on road with new bike trip come May 2022. So long as I can get a new trike. If not then I’ll do another cross country backpacking trip.

I hope to upgrade trike to this same brand and model as my destroyed trike only this one is electric. You still have to peddle but it gives electric assist as needed.