Now that I have all the signs for the fitness trail it is time to get started installing them. That means I need to raise funds for materials and gather volunteers. I personally funded the install of the main trailhead sign in hopes it would inspire others to pitch in.

My friends and I built the new sign this week. I had the utility companies etc. come out and mark their stuff so we don’t mess anything up hidden in the ground.

After getting the ok’s we dug out a foundation and poured the concrete and set rebar.

We let it set for a day then came back with the bricks, mortar, several buckets of water, and started laying the brick work. This was our first time ever doing masonry.

Next we built the cinder block pillars…

Afterwards we let set for a day then came back and stained them with a color called Toasted Cinnamon. We then built the wooden frame around the actual sign. I didn’t get any pictures of the actual frame being built but basically I used a table saw and cut a slot 1/2 inch deep into the frame which allowed the sign and plywood to slip in and hold steady.

All we have left to do is build the roof for it. That will have to wait until the weather clears up though. I intend to add solar lighting built into the roof as well.

I think it has come out great so far considering I have never worked with brick laying before.

Here is an up close view of the sign…