As many of you may know, I plan, coordinate, and put on events roughly every 2 months. All of my events are free to attend. October 30th I did a Haunted Trail. 1.5 miles of scary fun. The first half mile we had 4 hayrides going, bringing people from registration/parking area down the trail.

There were about 20 kids dressed as monsters hiding in the woods to scare the riders. They did an awesome job. One lady peed herself. Other adults were to afraid to do the next portion. Lucy Davis, seen below, was voted most scary creature ever. She did this twichy thing as she would step out of the woods. Creeping out just about everyone.

The hayride stopped at the entrance to a 1/2 mile loop trail where the visitors got off and walked around collecting candy if brave enough. Then at the end of the loop they returned via the 1/2 mile hayride back to the parking area. Everyone I spoke with said they had a lot of fun and cant wait until next year. At night the lights and strobes etc. came on and it was much spookier but my camera doesn’t do night shots well.

I had roughly 40 volunteers who did an amazing job and this event would have been worthless if not for them. We had an official count of 349 visitors. There were a few parents who signed the waiver but didn’t add their kids names to it. So the unofficial count is roughly 400.

I will most definitely set this up again next year. I would love to add a Trunk or Treat to the event for those waiting in line to get on the hayrides. I was getting lots of great feed back on what we could work on and/or add to the event. Next year’s should be even better!

This event was held on the K.I. Sawyer Fitness Trail I spent 2 years rebuilding. The trail is now complete but we need to raise about $2000 to install all the new signs we have waiting to go up.