Every year I hold a few events for Christmas with the help of my friends.

A few years ago I started a project called “Sawyer Senior Santa”. It basically is for giving a Christmas present to as many seniors in our community as possible to let them know we still care. I collect donations in the fall along with nominations for a gift. We try to get as many seniors as possible. Roughly two weeks before Christmas we go out and buy everything then have a meeting to assemble the gifts. Once done we leave them in a safe place to quarantine for 10-12 days or so. On Christmas Eve we hand deliver them to each senior on our list. My friends and I dress as Santa, Grinch, Reindeer, and an Elf or two for the deliveries. This year we gave 48 seniors gifts.

Project number two. I organize a Christmas “Make yourself dinner” where we purchase everything a family needs for Christmas dinner. We include food, tree, decorations, family Christmas project, gifts for the children, candy, and miscellaneous items. This year we were able to provide for 6 families!

And my final event is a Christmas Parade where we all dress up as Santa and the other characters. We decorate our vehicles and blast Christmas carols as we drive nearly every road in our neighborhood and give candy to the kids. We also stop occasionally for pictures to.

I’ve been organizing these for three years now. None of it would be possible without our volunteers and donors. Each year the events get bigger and bigger as word spreads. Hopefully they will continue to grow every year.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!