My birthday is new years eve. That means if you partied on December 31st then you were celebrating my birthday, cause well, why else have a party 😉

I held my party at my friends place and everyone had a blast. We had a big balloon fight. Afterwards we popped them all and some of them had an uplifting experience…

All my favorite girls showed up…

Every year for the last 41 years I’ve had a big ham for my birthday dinner. This year we also had a nice veggie tray, mash potatoes, variety of chips, and a Raccoon cake… Thank you to Sandy and Peps for cooking the food. My friend Cheyenne baked me a chocolate cake too.

Of course I got my favorite sauces, someone always gets me my hot sauce… Thanks Scott & 906 Community Church. They also got me a few gift cards.

Sandy made me my favorite cookies. Ginger cookies, peanut butter, and chocolate chip… Her family also got me several gift cards.

These people, aside from being my friends, help out with all my events and community projects I host. The kids come over in the summer to learn how to build and create using a variety of carpentry and mechanics tools. They are all reliable peeps and great friends. I’m missing a few pictures with some of them but will add later if I get them. I had a great day and I think my friends did too.

Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve!