It’s that time of year again. Trike/bike across America!

This year my wife Adda Lamon plus my friends Holly Young and Josh Jacobs will ride along. First time ever I will have someone along for the ride. Adda’s parents will be driving us to Eads Colorado and dropping us off. This is where I got hit by the semi and destroyed all my gear, as well as, shattered my left arm and a few minor scraps. I’m almost fully recovered from the accident but injuries shouldn’t affect this trip.


2022 Itinerary:

May 11th head to Adda’s parents

May 12th drive to Eads Colorado

May 15th start ride

Eads Colorado to Virginia Beach Virginia approximately 1827 miles

July 1st arrive Virginia Beach hopefully

Adda goes home, Holly & Josh decide if continuing or not

Continue from Virginia Beach Virginia to Miami Florida approximately 1087 miles

Arrive in Miami Florida approximately August 1st

Stay at my sister’s house in Miami Florida for a day or two then rent car and head home


This year I got our bikes/trikes/gear insured. So if there is another accident or a theft etc. then we should be extra covered. Adda is riding a duplicate trike to mine the ICE Adventure RS. Hers is blue and mine is green. Adda, Holly, and Josh will be writing a post of there gear and bikes coming soon. These gear posts showing what’s in my pack or bags have been lifesavers when needing to show proof of loss should something get stolen or say you just happen to get hit by a semi or something. 😉

Here is the gear I am bringing:

Basic first aid kit.

New helmet and cold weather liner.

Down sleeves, vest, pants for sleeping in and cold days. Flipflops for camp showers. Ground cloth, Army bivy, Thermarest air mat, ENO House Fly tarp, and emergency blanket.

Electronics kit. All the cords and such needed to keep my gear charged up.

Trunk bag. Shovel, maps, bike lock, waterproof wallet box, Sawyer water filter, cloths line, miscellaneous gear.

2 shirts, 2 shorts, 3 socks, 1 sleep shirt, leg sleeves, arm sleeves, underwear, bug shirt & head net, gloves, windbreaker, rain pants & jacket, towel, prescription goggles, wash cloth, seat pad.

New shoes just for biking.

Personal hygiene. Toilet paper, wipes, toothbrush & paste, meds, Q tips, floss picks, body powder, etc.

Electronics: Bike GPS, bike computer, headlight, walkie talkie, full spectrum camera with night vision, 360 camera, sports camera, spare batteries, and camera accessories.

My tool kit I’ve put together based on previous cross country rides. This kit should be able to manage nearly everything we might face on the road by way of repairs and such. Unless of course I get hit by another semi.

And last but not least, I will be using the same maps and GPX as last year. I’m sure the roads themselves are still there. And it shouldn’t be to hard to find services. I do not have maps for the Virginia to Florida portion of this trip but I’m sure if I head south I should find my way to Miami.

I’ve arranged for my best friend Hailey and one of Adda’s friends to stay at our house and take care of the cats and fish etc. I also set aside enough money for the trip to do it in luxury. Besides not sure if the ladies can handle ruffing it like I normally do.

I will try to post updates daily or every couple of days for those following along. I can post pictures as we go but any videos taken will be posted at the end of the trip. Mainly because I’m not quite sure how to use my phone to upload to YouTube then paste URL to WordPress.

Stay tuned to follow my Adventures!