We didn’t have a good enough signal to make a post for day 27 (yesterday) so we’re joining it with today’s.

Day 27 started in a camp ground in Fern Clyffe park near Goreville, Illinois. We talked with a gentleman the previous evening about bicycling / tricycling, he’s an avid bicyclist who went to the trike side eventually, when trikes were much less common. He then said he’d like to bring us breakfast, which is how we ended up starting the day with bacon, eggs, and toast all fresh and warm. And delicious! He also dries his own fruit for snacks, and so he gave us 2 baggies of yummyness (dried pineapple rings with a cherry in the center, apples, peach bits, walnuts…) and some snack money (thanks again!!). Addie chowed one bag and stashed the other for breakfast. We headed out on a moderate distance day towards Elizabethtown. We saw a bunch of motorcycle/motortricycle-ists and found out there was a cycling event (Hogs on the Rock) near by. Along the route, we saw a cool spot that someone made in their yard to help cyclists who needed a spot to rest for a bit, recharge their phone, or get water. We ended up not being able to contact the only Elizbethtown in-town lodging so we continued 4ish miles out of town to find Tower Rock campground. That was hard because the small roads didn’t have street signs in a lot of places, and we added a mile or more (oops) over some big hills (groan) but did eventually make it to camp along the Ohio River.

We set up and ate dinner, watched some fireflies and a boat add some glow to the evening, then went to bed. Around 3 a.m. we woke up because Ryan heard something messing with our gear… we sort of ran off some raccoons but they spent a while lurking noisily near by.

We examined the carnage once we got up and it was light outside. Turns out it was minimal, they tore open the trash bag hung on a pole in camp, and ripped through a grocery bag over Addie’s side pouch and stole her PEACH RINGS AND EPIC HOME DRIED SNACKIES… sad face. However, other than a few grubby paw marks and dirt in the pouch, no other equipment was damaged…unless you count the teeth marks in her almost empty sunscreen tube in that bag. Oh well.

We again fell prey to lack of street signs, so made a slightly longer than necessary journey to Cave-in-Rock, which is where we had yummy lunch and then boarded a free ferry to cross the Ohio River into Kentucky.

On our way into Kentucky we got passed by a horse & buggy.

We made it to Marion, Kentucky, and the only hotel in town had vacancies so the forecasts for racoon rampage overnight is slim to none. One of the signs coming into town was 23 miles from all three places it mentioned which was fun. We are showered and fed and ready for bed, so thanks for checking in on us and stay tuned for our next post!