Gonna be a hot week, day or night. We are going to try some night rides. We intend to get up at 3 AM and leave by 4. All depends on whether or not Addie can learn to pack up faster.

Addie’s pics of the day.

Met these guys on the TransAmerica Trail today. Funny how information is spread via fellow cyclists šŸš“ā€ā™€ļø on the trail about good or bad places along the way in either direction. Kinda like dogs and fire hydrants.

Some murals for Josh.

Met a Pastor of a big Baptist church in Clay Kentucky. He invited us to stay at their church tonight. Nice place. Wouldn’t accept a donation. They intend to be added as a cycling hostel to the Adventure Cycling maps. A decent place and we recommend it.

Ate dinner at a nearby restaurant. Good food and environment. Had a couple of salads and Buffalo wings. Sweet tea was perfect. Finished it all with freshly made milkshakes.

Sunscreen failed Addie today. From now on she says it is long sleeves.