Since this week is having record highs for it’s heat waves we decided to start night riding. We started at 3am this morning in Marion KY. The temperature was already 82*F. It rose to about 100* F by the time we made it to Sebree. We plan to get up at 1am to head out for tomorrow’s ride.

I fill safer lit up like a flashing Xmas tree at night. No way someone can honestly say they didn’t see us.

Addie took lots of pictures of the sunrise 🌅.

Made it to Sebree about 8:30am I think. Found a Baptist church that caters to cyclists.

The place is huge. Right on trail just before main street. You can drop gear go get food etc. Then come back and shower and do laundry. Then whatever else you need/want to do. It’s free as well. They refuse donations though. Oh and they have a biker box where you can leave stuff you don’t want or need and take stuff others had left behind. Just like the Hiker boxes along the Appalachian trail.

The last Mexican restaurant we ate at wrote this about Addie on our receipt. Addie was calculating total cost of trip so far and noticed it. We are about 1100 miles roughly now. More than half way. That leaves roughly 700 miles to go. I had planned/saved $10,000 for whole trip. We’ve only spent $5,600 and are on track to finish under budget with a guesstimate of $1,500 left over. We have been staying in hotels whenever possible and having a good time.