The last couple of days have been extremely hot. We left Sebree Kentucky and made it to made it to Utica Kentucky where we met the Romero’s. It was 103*F feel like temp. We tried to do 45-50 miles but the very humid dry heat just wasn’t letting us. The Romero’s had a hostel for cyclists in just the right place. They’re worth the stop and fun to hang with. They were extremely helpful too.

We decided to get a Uhaul and skip the dangerous heatwave. Also Addie really wanted to see Mammoth Caves. I kinda did to because I’ve never seen one in person before. We will pick the TransAmerica Trail back up just over the mountains in Virginia. I know some may claim we are cheating but I don’t see any of them even trying 😉. This is supposed to be a fun trip and I’ve done the Appalachian mountains a few times in this area. Cycling in the mountains is brutal.

We had fun at Mammoth Caves and took the self guided tour. It was nice and cold at 54*F compared to the 100 something outside. Found out my phone has a very good night vision setting to. Here are several cave pictures for you all.

The deer in the area were super habituated. You could almost reach out and touch them. This one was about 6 feet away.

We are staying at the Ramada Inn tonight before heading to Virginia tomorrow. This room is in need of serious maintenance. I can’t believe the bathroom light switch is even legal. It’s literally in the shower!

See you in the next blog 🙂