Not much to share for day 34. We finished driving over the Appalachian mountains and arrived in Charlottesville Virginia.

Today, day 35, we peddled from Charlottesville to Palmyra Virginia. 30 miles of scary road with zero shoulder and tons of traffic. There is a bike hostel run by a Methodist church here. Very nice people. Here is a collage of pictures from today…

We have 165 miles left to go. 5 more days. Here is a list of the last towns we are staying in. The numbers are the miles to get to each one and the last letters are which day we arrive there. Along with some map pictures.

Holly Young will be driving my car down to York Town Virginia to get us. Then the three of us will head to Virginia Beach and cycle around my old stomping grounds Friday. Saturday head home or may cycle a short trail along the way.