Early Wednesday morning-June 8th-I set off from Carbondale, IL on a Greyhound heading home-Upper Michigan. It started off as a nerve racking trip because my first bus was 2 hours late!

Luckily, I had a 4 hour layover planned in St. Louis, MO so I didn’t miss my second bus!

From St. Louis, the bus went to Chicago, IL. I was able to meet and talk with a few different people who were very nice, but tired from traveling.

Wednesday night I had a 17 hour layover!!! So I took time that night and Thursday morning to walk around downtown Chicago. There are some BIG bike lanes! And there are areas in downtown Chicago where the bike lanes are painted green AND there are street lights just for bikes!!

Left Chicago a little after 11 Thursday morning on my third bus. My ticket was scheduled to go to Milwaukee, WI and than Madison and back to Milwaukee again. So I may have ignored my schedule a little bit and just waited in Milwaukee for 5 hours instead of having to wait, ride, wait, and ride again.

Left Milwaukee, WI a little before 8 Thursday night and had to wait for an hour in Escanaba, MI around 3 Friday morning before leaving for Marquette, MI. That last bus was schedule to arrive in Marquette a little after 5 Friday morning, but the bus driver dropped my off in Gwinn on the way.

Now that I am home, I have had time to walk my dogs and visit with family. I also have had time to plan some biking and I am excited to start that once my bike gets up here!