Richmond was an easy ride, mostly downhill as we headed toward the ocean front. They have a dedicated bicycle route all the way to Williamsburg, so no traffic to worry about.

They had an awesome park dedicated to bicyclists on the way. It had a bicycle repair station.

Crossing the York River was fun, they had a nice bridge for us.

Stopped at the bicycle vistor station coming into Jamestown. They had a lot of cool book kiosks, free seed boxes, and a bottle hut. Maybe I will build one or two of these.

Holly arrived with the car in Williamsburg early Thursday morning. She somehow found us, giving just a picture of our general location.

We had biked 48 miles, the last 30 of them in the rain. It was getting late and Addie and I-Ryan-were hungry so we pulled over under a bridge to wait for Holly’s rescue.

Here’s a few pictures from Addie’s flat tire a few days ago.

Met up with my little brother for dinner. It was nice seeing him again after not seeing him for the last 15 years!

Woke up to watch the sunrise from off our balcony this morning. Than took a short nap before heading out for breakfast and to dip our toes in the water.