These bikes have been here since I was a kid, but I never actually rode one. So we decided to get one to ride for the morning.

Spent the day swimming and doing touristy things while watching other tourist.

Addie spent most of the time learning how to ride a body board or collecting shells, sometimes at the same time!

Forgot to take pictures, but we did tour my old stomping grounds on our trikes. Lucky to have two beautiful ladies to keep me busy.

On our way back to the car from our beach adventures, we saw a street performer. Stopped to watch his act. He’s a really funny guy, definitely would watch him again!

Here’s more information about him:

Addie may have risked her phone for a great picture at the beach, but it survived.

Found a new idea for back home while touring my old stomping grounds! This is GREAT. We also saw some dog bowls with water along this particular street.

Found this awesome mural on the boardwalk. Maybe Josh and Holly can paint this on the back of my fence.