Drove back down to Stevens Point today after finding out the trikes were all ready to go!

I am super EXCITED to go out and ride my new electric trike, a CAT Trike Five Five Nine. It folds up for it to slide into the back of the car and still have room for gear too!

I watched the shop while they were adjusting my chain length. They showed me a new ‘tool’ that helps, a bent spoke.

The drive back to Conover was nice; not too much traffic, but enough to keep things a little interesting.

Forgot to take pictures, but we also got to do some stuff around Phelps. Met and talked with Holly’s dad. Went to visit Sweets, Treats, & More where Holly had worked for 6 years and got some delicious ice cream. We took a little drive out to Torch Lake Campground and got to meet some more people who are like family to Holly!