We’ve been working on reconstructing the old Air Force fitness trial in my neighborhood for four years now. We had finally gotten all of the stations repaired and had just been waiting on the materials to put all of the signs up.

We rented a gas auger and drilled about 50 holes for setting the posts.

The easiest signs were the mile markers to make and assemble, but the hardest to install because we have to put them out via gps. So that will be a later project.

For the nature signs, we built 22 signposts. We cut and notched the 4×4 post and inserted 2×4 support beams for the nature signs. Glued the notches together with liquid nail and a couple of screws. Should last a long time, so long as no one destroys them.

Applied the signs with liquid nails and a couple of screws. These signs are made out of a corrugated aluminum-type material designed to withstand the weather for years.

Friends came out and helped install the posts. Set up 47 posts in just a couple of hours.

We do still have four stations left to install equipment for, but the signs for them are up. The directions signs and mile markers will go up soon. We had the picnic shelter and bike rack completed recently as well.