My daughter, Kassidy, and my grandson, Lucian, came to visit me this summer. Her first time in a very long time. We packed a lot of fun stuff into one week and had a blast while they were here. We took in some waterfalls, some day-hikes, and a couple of Children Museums. Lucian seemed to have a blast playing with the new toys and new places. My daughter, Kassidy, seemed to really enjoy our time together. She’s grown up to be quite the young lady I’d hope she’d be. Very beautiful, smart, and has a good job, what more could a dad ask for? Below are some pictures of our adventures while she was here.

Bond Falls

Children’s Museum in Eagle River

Teaching Kass to Juggle

Got Kassidy’s nails done

Little Trout Lake

Climbing Sugar Loaf

Eye Exam and New Glasses for Kass

Lower Habor Park and Presque Isle

Children’s Museum in Marquette

Altran Falls

Airport Leaving