Today I went into Marquette with my friend Hailey to drop off my car for brake work. Then I took her to lunch for helping me out. Having a good day so far.

We headed over to the Teriyaki Bowl restaurant in front of Goodwill. Discovered it was closed on Mondays. While we were there a lady pulls into the checkered area beside the disabled parking spot that is intended to provide room for the disabled person to get in and out (As seen in above picture, the green Subaru with bike).

I walked over to her as she was going into Starbucks and mentioned that she was blocking the disabled parking spot. She looks at me like I’m an idiot and says she’ll be right out. A moment later she comes out and says “See I told you, it was just a few seconds”. I told her what if a person in a wheelchair or walker needed to get in their car. Mind you she was parked pretty close to the disabled persons car as well. She stated, “Oh get over yourself” and I replied “Ok Karen, entitled much?”. I remained calm and was not really shaking much for once due to my Parkinson’s Disease. At that point I walked away. She then got into her car, started it up, put it in reverse, and the whole car jerked hard. So hard her bike came free from the bike rack and nearly broke her rear window. Then she got out and fixed the bike then proceeded to try again with the same results.

At this point she was furious and frantic trying to figure out why her car wouldn’t move. Hailey and I were standing by Hailey’s truck watching. I hollered over to the lady and said, “So much for a few seconds, karma much?”. She yelled back at me “You look suspicious, I’m calling the cops, what did you do to my car?”. She got back in her car and pulled out phone. I walked over and handed her my business card with my contact information on it. I told her to feel free to call the cops and give them my information. Then walked away. She tried repeatedly to get her car to move but it would only rock.

It seemed to Hailey and me that she forgot to release the parking brake. Also, the sign in front of disabled spot says “$250 fine and towed at owners’ expense”, if you don’t have a permit to park in disabled spots. We left to go to Wendy’s instead due to the restaurant we wanted was closed.

We are left wondering what happened to her. We drove past the parking lot about 30 minutes later and she was gone. She was very Karen like and had a serious entitlement about her. I am hoping she did call the police. I’m sure she would have been fined and possibly towed for illegal parking and blocking a disabled spot.

I stepped up and said something because I am disabled myself and sometimes need the disabled spot. Quite often though someone will use the yellow checkered area next to the spot thus preventing its use and making it hard for me to get in and out of my car. Some people don’t think about their consequences and how it affects others. And just so we are clear there were several available spots she could have chosen.