Last night I stayed at a motel in Iron Mountain after riding 70 miles to get there. This morning I got back to riding about 8am and it started raining about 9am. Really started raining good about 11am. Needless to say I was soaked and freezing basically all day. The rain would stop for about 30 minutes here and there throughout the day. I made it to Hermansville and stopped at a restaurant called Wildwood. I ordered a bowl of chili and some coffee. Someone unknown paid for my lunch and never introduced themselves. The chili was very good and highly recommend it. The employees were very nice too. And the residents of Hermansville were very nice also.

So I called Addie and had her come get me after I checked the local weather reports and saw that the rain was expected to continue for 2-3 days. So no chance of drying out and warming up. Figured I can wait out the storms at home where it is nice and sunny then restart my trip where I left off when the weather on my route clears up. I have about 140 miles to go. This was basically my halfway point.

Here are two short video clips I managed to get. To wet and cold to take pictures and such.