This year’s snow stomp was great. We had over a dozen kids and several parents join in this year.

What we do is chase the snow away by making lots of noise with musical instruments and stomp out the piles of snow. See here for the full snow stomper legend:

This year we had lots of prizes to win. Every kid got a prize.

Here’s another happy winner…

These two lucky kiddos got new bikes and new helmets…

We celebrated our stomping with pizza, hot cocoa and sodas for everyone. Thanks to multiple donors.

March Musical Snow Stomp Donors List

Shannon’s Home Cooking: hot cocoa

Sandy Davis: raffle prizes

Sandy Carney: pizza & drinks

C’N’E Cupcakes & Tutus: raffle prizes

Stephanie Blush’d: t-shirts

Patricia Lynn Thornton Davis: Prizes

Ryan Lipinski: coordinator & raffle prizes


After gathering our musical instruments and flags and checked our snow stomping boots we hit the road marching through our neighborhood!

Blake was super happy to lead his army of snow stompers to destroy the snow.

Here’s a short video of their march…

Each snow stomper was given an official snow stomper medal to prove they had what it takes to be a truly worthy snow stomper.

Thanks for stomping by!!!